Computerized Electro Dermal Stress Analysis ("CEDSA") measures energy levels within the human body and its organs. Used worldwide by Natural Doctors for over 40 years, CEDSA assessments are based on the ancient Chinese medical theory that improper energy flow through various acupuncture meridians disturbs the flow and balance of energy within the human body.

With many similarities to modern biofeedback techniques, CEDSA practitioners utilize the information obtained during the assessment process to discover either current or pre-existing conditions affecting your health and well being.

Once a CEDSA analysis begins, a computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of various acupuncture points, with a primary focus being upon the feet and hands. The data obtained indicates the state of balances and imbalances between various organs and systems within the body. And unlike acupuncture, there is no piercing of the skin, no electrical impulses or discomfort throughout the process.

When your CEDSA analysis has been completed, the issues identified during assessment are discussed and a course of action proposed utilizing a variety of naturaal approaches and procedures.

CEDSA Assessments:


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